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About us

Formed in 2010 by Luke Garea, Event Day is a small award-winning team of experienced event professionals who strive to provide competitors, supporters, stakeholders and sponsors alike the very best of event days, event after event. Event Day are also mad about environmental sustainability. More...


Event Day can assist or manage entirely any services from concepts, design, planning and execution through to evaluations. If you need help with a new or established event please make contact with us to discuss your needs.

Having been incredibly active in the events industry for over 13 years (and in that time having been responsible for the management aspects of over 200 events) we have deep connections in the events industry - if we are unable to help we'll advise the next best person for you.


Our passion for providing amazing event experiences shines through in all our work.  Not satisfied with working on our own events, we provide key services to some of NZ's most iconic events.

Our 2018 event portfolio is:
Tussock Traverse (January 27)
Bike The Bridge (February 18)
Wharf To Wharf (March 17)
Pay What You Want Tauranga Half Marathon (April 15)
Waiheke Half Marathon (May 5 )
Mt Joggers (Mount Maunganui) Half Marathon (June 3)
ASB Auckland Marathon (October 29)
Goat Tongariro (December 1)

Sponsorship opportunities

If you’ve ever thought about adding event sponsorship to your marketing mix, we’d love to talk to you about opportunities with Event Day.

Our award winning team will tailor a plan to meet your specific objectives…we don’t just hang a sponsorship on where you get your logo and what signage you can have at the finish line…we create a platform for you to engage with participants and our wider database. A sponsorship with Event Day will allow you the opportunity for the most powerful marketing of all…an experience.



For the most effective response to your query please email luke@eventday.co.nz

Due to the nature of our work, we are often out of coverage areas for extended periods, meaning we may take a few days to respond to your query.  You’re important to us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our postal address is:
Event Day
705 Scenic Drive,
Henderson Valley,
Auckland, 0612


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