What we do

Environmental sustainability and ethical choices are our passions second only to organising fantastic events…and both are important parts of organising fantastic events.

Event Day works to the British Standard 8901 Specification for a sustainable event management system.

We want to set the standard for other event organisers through clear policy, KPIs, processes, measurement and evaluation across all facets of sustainable event management including but not limited to energy, water, waste, recycling, transport, accommodation, paper & publications, catering, environmental attitudes, administration and GHC emissions.

In the meantime we'll keep fighting the good fight and making the best choices possible, many of which are made possible by YOU, the great people who chose to add $5 to the entry fees for an “eco entry” to help us do what we do. Thank you.

Here's an abridged list of the sort of environmentally sustainable practices we pledge to implement at our events:

• Reduce paper waste through promotion of online entry (target 80% enter online) & downloadable entry forms.
• Separation of waste streams to reduce waste to landfill through provision of recycling and organics bins.
• Provide information for public transport and carpooling options for participants.
• All paper used is at least 20% post-consumer recycled stock printed with non-toxic inks.
• Replace traditional race bags (AKA goodie bags) with an online or virtual version.
• No single-use disposable plastic bottles for water or sports drink distributed at the finish line.
• At least 80% of all communications through electronic media.
• Reuse at least 80% of all signage for the event.
• Utilise bicycles or electric scooters, motorcycles, or hybrid cars for pace and lead vehicles.
• Require sponsors and on-site vendors to understand and agree to meet our environmental sustainability standards.

What you can do

We make sure to monitor our environmental impact throughout the planning and implementation of events we're involved with.

We constantly strive to reduce our impact and we hope to influence and guide our participants, sponsors and stakeholders towards positive change in the industry. 

You’ll see Fairtrade bananas at support stations; we like to work with organic/fairtrade coffee vendors; we pioneered the use of recyclable race numbers; and we manually sort our waste streams; find the right homes for all our plastics; plus we compost our organic waste.

We were one of the first event organisers to take the bold step of ditching a race pack in favour of an eRace pack while other events continue to dish up race bags filled with flyers and tiny samples in excess non-recyclable packaging.

If you see things at events (ours included) that have you shaking your head, be sure to communicate that with the organisers!  Ask to view their waste management planning documents. If you are not happy with the answers, tell others who share your feelings and vote with your feet - there are plenty of great events out there and we strongly believe events need to play their part!




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